Princess and the Pea Party!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was about Courtney Richard’s Princess and the Pea party! First of all, Courtney is A-MAZING at throwing parties! More than amazing; she has an eye for detail and transforms her home for her kids’ birthday parties! Every single detail was accounted for… everywhere you looked… hanging from the ceiling, on the walls, in every nook and cranny… the Princess and the Pea. SOOOO many pictures to share… here are some of my favorites.

Courtney collected baby mattresses from friends and Craigs List. What a dramatic way to welcome your guests!! When I walked in her house the morning of the party, seeing everything all set up, it seriously took my breathe away!

The dolls were purchased from ___

Courtney had strips of fabric ready to go for a Princess and the Pea art project. She had everything pre-cut and set up outside on the picnic table making it easy for everyone to participate.

The birthday girls waiting for the guests to arrive.

Guests enjoyed a delicious breakfast… breakfast casserole, pancakes, bacon, eggs, donuts, fruit, pop tarts, cereal bar, and cupcakes and “pea” cake pops.

Another activity for the party was Pin the “Pea on the Mattress.” The girls were blindfolded with handmade masks (made by Courtney) and giving a glittery pea to pin on the poster.

Each guest got to pick out a handful of “handmade” mattresses with their very own princess. The princess were painted by the birthday girls before the party. (Mom helped with the faces) :)


  1. Are you kidding me with this cuteness!! Courtney, please bring your magic wand by my house and make it cute & girly. You and Lauren did a fabulous job! Breath-taking.

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