Camp Christmas

I am SO EXCITED to share pictures from our Camp Christmas photo shoot!! A-MAZING work by Katy Marshall Photography capturing all the details.

I had WAY too much fun designing and styling everything for Camp Christmas! It seems like camping parties are so popular right now so I thought what better way to celebrate my absolute favorite time of the year than with a camping Christmas Party??!!

LOTS of fun ideas for a nature inspired Christmas party!

The party started with everyone gathered around the “tissue paper” camp fire. This was a playdate with lots of little ones so a real fire was out of the question! And we live in south Louisiana… there’s always a chance we could be wearing shorts on Christmas day! :) The kids sat on hay bales and roasted their s’more pops as we sang Christmas carols.

Everyone enjoyed PB&J’s, fresh fruit, veggies and trail mix for lunch. I purchased the striped bags and the brown “take out” boxes at Shop Sweet Lulu.

Cookies were made by Silly Gilly… LOVE LOVE… they were perfect to carry out the party theme!!

I designed a Nature Scavenger Hunt as an activity for the party. I placed snowflakes and beetles around the yard and there were plenty of leaves and gumballs for the kids to fill their baskets. Everyone had their picture taken in the Camp Christmas tent.

We finished the party by decorating ice cream cone “Christmas Trees.” Icing… candy… the kids LOVED it!!!

One of my favorite pictures from the party… he’s got a sweet tooth like me! :)

The ENTIRE printable collection is available in my ETSY shop for $15. Collection can be personalized for $30.


  1. So cute Lauren!!! And great photos, Katy! :)

  2. OMG, I LOVE this party! Such a creative and clever way to celebrate Christmas.

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